Our Classes


These introductory courses help you grow in your relationship with Jesus, and are all available for enrolling without any prerequisites needed.


200 level classes include in-depth study of individual books of the Bible and are coming soon!


300 level classes are more advanced and require more work at home, at times including tests and/or written assignments.  

What to Expect (For 300-level classes only)

Registrations are now open for Fall 2021 courses. The following courses will be offered in a hybrid format where the student must attend weekly lectures in-person, for local participants only (no livestream nor pre-recordings). All assignments and the final exam will be accessible online.

  • Studying The Bible
  • Old Testament Introduction
  • Church History

* Bible Doctrine and The Biblical Worldview will be offered online in an asynchronous format and must be completed within the timeframe specified.

Each class runs 9 weeks, costs $50, and will require 3-4 hours of homework per week. A workbook will be provided during the first week.

Each student is responsible for ordering the textbook at an additional cost. A limited number of copies will be available at our Hope Bookstore (Oakville).

The last day to withdraw from your class for a full refund is Oct 8, 2021 for both credit and non-credit students.

For more information, please contact Institute@HopeOakville.ca


400 level classes are designed for leadership within the church and are open for registration by invitation only. If you’d like more information on any of these classes, please feel free to reach out to institute@hopeoakville.ca.