Bible Doctrine

A nine-session introduction to systematic theology through a study of the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith that are biblically grounded, historically informed, contextualized, and lived-out in our lives. This class helps students understand the systematic teachings of the Bible on specific topics; the nature and character of God, salvation, sin, the church and the work of Jesus Christ, and more. Students will dive deep into these truths to understand how the study of God not only impacts our understanding of Him but deepens our worship and even clarifies our lives.


*A textbook for this class is available through Hope Institute. When registering, don’t forget to select “Add-On” to purchase the textbook.

Upcoming Classes

This class will be offered in a hybrid format, with in-person lectures and online resources within the designated timeframe.

  • Module 1 – God’s Truth
  • Module 2 – God’s Personhood
  • Module 3 – God’s Character
  • Module 4 – God’s Creation
  • Module 5 – God’s Son
  • Module 6 – God’s Spirit
  • Module 7 – God’s Salvation
  • Module 8 – God’s Church
  • Module 9 – God’s Future