About Hope Institute


Events are one-off learning opportunities where Hope Institute brings in someone with a level of “expertise” in a certain topic to help develop followers of Jesus Christ with greater understanding, affection, and ability in a particular area of the Christian life. Presently we are focused on providing events that help in the development of discipleship in the family – marriage and parenting, and the intersection of Christ and culture – navigating social and cultural issues of our day.


Classes are active life transformation learning groups. We offer classes in Bible, Doctrine, Spiritual Formation, and Ministry Formation. Participants are expected to commit to active learning that necessitates preparing for the class, interacting with others in the class, and listening to instruction. Classes, other than Ministry Formation classes, are open to everyone at Hope Bible Church.


This eight-month part-time leadership development experience is designed to help interns grow in their understanding of church ministry while giving them a glimpse into a possible future in vocational church ministry. The focus of the internship will be on the development of character, convictions, competency, and exploring calling into vocational church ministry. Interns will engage weekly in intentional learning, participate in ministry and be mentored over the course of the internship.