Hope Institute Events

Events are one-off learning opportunities where Hope Institute brings in someone with a level of “expertise” in a certain topic to help develop followers of Jesus Christ with greater understanding, affection, and ability in a particular area of the Christian life. Presently we are focused on providing events that help in the development of discipleship in the family – marriage and parenting, and the intersection of Christ and culture – navigating social and cultural issues of our day.

Upcoming Events


Date: Saturday March 20 2021
Cost: $10 online attendee
Speaker: Scott Klusendorf 

The Hope Institute has classes and events for you to attend.  One event that’s coming up on March 20th is on the Sanctity of Life.

Abortion is a difficult topic to engage in, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it well, with love. Our goal with this event is to equip you to have these conversations and to care for people in your life in a way that is informed, consistent, and gracious.

Sessions will include:

  • Making a Case for Life on Hostile Turf
  • Five Bad Ways People Argue About Abortion
  • The Case Against Relativism
  • Q&A.
This online event will be made available on March 20 at 9AM for all who register.