Hope Institute Events

Events are one-off learning opportunities where Hope Institute brings in someone with a level of “expertise” in a certain topic to help develop followers of Jesus Christ with greater understanding, affection, and ability in a particular area of the Christian life. Presently we are focused on providing events that help in the development of discipleship in the family – marriage and parenting, and the intersection of Christ and culture – navigating social and cultural issues of our day.

Upcoming Events

Date: May 12-13, 2023 

Cost: $30 per person

Location: 500 Great Lakes Blvd, Oakville Ontario

Let’s face it. Marriage is under attack. Even before it exists! But the greatest threats to marriage are not from cultural forces. The greatest threats to marriage come from within. 

But there’s good news. God is for you and for your marriage. But we must take time to consider his design for marriage and make the necessary adjustments to experience a lifelong marriage that gets better over time. 

During this two-day, five session event, we will laugh, learn, and love with a renewed sense of purpose behind marriage. This marriage conference is for everyone, married and singles alike. It is for everyone who believes marriage is to be “held in honor among all” (Hebrews 13:4).

Just like maintenance on your car, nobody gets to the finish line thriving in marriage without taking time to make it a priority. So, take the time. Do the work. Join the crowd. We all need to make our marriages a priority, especially when Trent and Andrea promise to make you belly laugh in the process.

Find more information on our speakers Trent and Andrea Griffith here.