Studying the Bible

A nine-session introduction to biblical hermeneutics applied to the different literary genres of Scripture, this class will help students learn how to make observations, interpret, and apply the various types of literature in the Bible. Students will learn how to discover the meaning and personal significance of narrative, psalms, wisdom literature, prophets, the Gospels, New Testament letters, and apocalyptic literature.

Upcoming Classes

This class will be offered in an in-person format only, along with modules to be accessed online at the pace of the student within the designated timeframe.

  • Module 1 – Introduction and Observation
  • Module 2 – Interpretation
  • Module 3 – Application
  • Module 4 – Epistles
  • Module 5 – Old Testament Narrative
  • Module 6 – Poetry and Wisdom Literature
  • Module 7 – Gospel and Acts
  • Module 8 – Old Testament Prophetic Literature
  • Module 9 – Apocalyptic Literature